General Information

  • General Information


  • We advise you to plan your trip to Saudi Arabia as early as possible to ensure proper and organized process of getting the visa, and plan your journey.
  • The currency for Saudi Arabia is the Saudi Riyal and credit cards are widely accepted in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Riyal is equivalent to 3.75 in comparison to 1 USD.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like all other countries has guidelines and cultural aspect that should be respected such as wearing the Abaya for female (cover dress for female).
  • There are no barriers to women participation or seating in conferences in Saudi Arabia and female participants are very welcomed.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 27 airports, five of which are international such as King Khalid Airport in the capital Riyadh, King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah City, King Fahad Airport in Dammam, Prince Mohammed Airport in Madinah City and Taif Airport. For more information
  • Transportation within the kingdom is mainly via automobile, there are many car rental companies (international and local) as well as many taxi services, and application based transportation services such as Uber and Careem.
  • There are many HOTELS within the kingdom majority of which are four and five stars ranked hotels with high capacity to host huge number of guests.
  • During your visit to Saudi Arabia, there are many places and activities to engage in. You are welcome to engage in wide varieties of activities and visit the tourist places within the kingdom. For more information regarding activates outside of your business trip alternatively check out the tour operators within the list provided in this website:
  • There are many gift shops within the different cities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, browse through a wide selection of gift traditional items that represent the Saudi Culture, also do not forget to try out our famous Saudi dates.



  • Saudi Customs seeks to provide an integrated customs services to further develop Saudi Arabia and follow with developments at both the local and international level.
  • This is by finding a balance between facilitating the movement of trade for importers, exporters and travelers according to the international obligations of Saudi Arabia on the one hand; and
  • On the other hand, carry out strict inspection of packages for incoming and outgoing travelers, to ensure the prevention of prohibited substances, including contaminated and counterfeit items, as customs is the first line of defense of homeland security.



If you would like to visit Saudi Arabia, kindly refer to the Saudi embassy or consulate in your country.
Meet the requirements of the type of visa needed. It takes one week to obtain a visa. Follow the status of your visa online at

To enter Makkah, all Muslims from outside Saudi Arabia are required by law to apply for a visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate, except for citizens of countries belonging to the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC): Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.


Please note that only Muslims are allowed to enter Makkah.


Visa for participants / exhibitors / speakers: